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By focusing on our client’s needs and challenges, we adapt our range of services to a broad base of relevant areas such as:

  • Strategic sales – Creating an up-to-date, detailed, and tailor-made sales strategy for your company will ensure that sales generation is steady, and growth in terms of revenue is undoubtedly occurring.
  • Operational sales – Operations help companies run effectively and efficiently. Be sure that the business activities and strategies will thrive once all the puzzle pieces are set.
  • Strategy and business planning – Quality and in-depth planning mean paving a smooth path for your company. Also, when you clearly know where you are heading, and you are aware of the dead-ends, you minimize the possibility of failure.
  • Digitization – It isn’t easy to sustain a company solely as a brick-and-mortar. Therefore, transitioning to brick-and-click or even going full-digital will help you make sure that you are not losing customers and are moving forward with the trends.
  • Digital marketing and advertising – In this digital era, we should smartly use the given tools and capitalize on them by using different communication channels, spreading the right message to the right people, and thus invest in the most suitable promotion type.
  • Public relations – Taking care of your brand image and reputation is a crucial part of long-term success and prevalence. By taking good care of your brand awareness and recognition, your target group will favor you over your competitors.
  • Lead generation – To initiate a customer’s interest, there are many tools to use. By utilizing GDPR standards, we ensure transparency and accuracy, so the lists we build are measured with quality over quantity.
  • Research and analysis – Before the actual planning starts, research comes first. Additionally, the more you know about your industry, peers, competitors, market, and audience, the better the outcome.
Operational sales and new customer recruitment are challenges that many companies face. It is well known that entrepreneurs have other things on their schedules and do not have the time to systematize. Let AMANDUS handle the cold calling for you and book exciting meetings with new potential clients.  Learn even more about our services below!

Operational Sales

How often do you communicate with your customers? Are you struggling to balance keeping your current customers satisfied and putting effort into acquiring new ones? AMANDUS has access to many sales channels, digital marketing, telemarketing/traditional marketing, networking, and lead nurturing providers, depending on your potential customers. We approach each customer to solve a problem or achieve a goal, not selling a product or a service. In the end, what really matters is you, your company, and your business goals. Let us help you with our qualified experience on the way to your success. With our broad network and services, we can create your journey based on a high professional level.

VOC Voice of Customer

What do your customers think about your company? What do they say about your brand, and do they recommend your products and services to other potential customers? A short survey gives you all the answers, guiding you to where you should put your focus. To learn more about this service, feel free to reach out!

Creating Leads

Companies are often struggling with having quality leads. Together, we can find new potential customers in a way that will ensure your company’s growth in sales and brand recognition. We attract new industries by using the famous DISC Assessment, where we assess your company’s Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. Here we will define new exciting ways to approach the right decision-makers and generate leads. Many companies lose their customers due to a lack of communication, and customers choose to go to another competitor because they often feel forgotten. A simple conversation goes a long way, and analysis of the current situation helps find ways to strengthen fragile bonds.

Start-up Entrepreneur?

Focus on what you are good at, and we will handle the operational sales and get you a flying start to success. If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.